• September 19th, 2018
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Insurance Giant Donates N14 000

By Anna Ingwafa OSHAKATI Old Mutual Namibia donated goods worth N$14 000 to Efundja flood victims yesterday at the Ongwediva Trade Fair grounds. The goods, that consist mainly of food, were received by the Ongwediva Town Council public relations officer Andrew Uutoni on behalf of the Oshana Emergency Committee. It will be distributed among the flood victims sheltered at Oshakati Independence Stadium and the Ongwediva Trade Fair grounds. Currently, there are 660 victims at the trade fair and 239 at Oshakati Stadium. Some of the victims had left these places to go live with their relatives, according to Uutoni. Old Mutual Area Manager Trofimus Paulus said that the group is committed to make a positive difference in the communities. He applauds other corporates who have also demonstrated that Namibia is a caring nation and urged them to join hands and support fellow Namibians during the time of need. Old Mutual identified various other activities of support under the theme of education, health, welfare and community development. Meanwhile, the Ongwediva Town Council has accumulated more than N$50 000 on water, electricity and other utility bills as a result of sheltering the victims. The building's paint is also spoiled and the council needs more money to repaint them. According to Uutoni, the council believes that the central government will rescue the council based on the previous agreement made by the Emergency Management Unit through the Office of the Prime Minister. Uutoni said that the emergency committee projects to have the sheltered victims at the trade fair grounds and Oshakati Stadium to be vacated from those places by Wednesday March 19. The affected people will be moved to a newly developed place in Oshakati which is expected to be functional. The functioning of the new place was hampered by inadequate materials, but according to Uutoni the quotation has been approved from the Office of the Prime Minister to have the needed items put in place. Another pressing issue is that the trade fair grounds have been booked for March 26 and April 15 by customers. He mentioned that the Ongwediva Annual Preparation Committee is now behind schedule for preparing this year's trade fair due to the floods. The council decided previously to add another hall to the centre, but this dream is yet to be realized because of the situation it is in now. The preparatory committee will meet tomorrow to see the way forward regarding this year's trade fair.
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