• September 19th, 2018
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MTC Reaches Out to OVC

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Bursaries amounting to N$100 000 were yesterday handed to six OVC studying in the field of information and communication technology at the Polytechnic of Namibia, by the MTC Foundation. Minister of Education Nangolo Mbumba was the guest speaker at the occasion. "I would like to thank MTC for the generous support and donation to the students, and would like to emphasize that this sponsorship is not only for the advancement of these students, but also for the advancement of higher education, especially within the realm of information and communication technology and the country as a whole," said Mbumba. According to Mbumba, information and communication technology is one of the key pillars of national importance. "I am extremely pleased to observe the sponsorship from the MTC Foundation is firstly specifically aimed at OVC, and secondly is further aimed at the field of information and communication technology. "We know that the economic growth of a country depends heavily on the efficient and effective use of the country's resources, which include land, capital, labour and increasingly today, knowledge and technology. "It has also been proven that the introduction of ICT's in countries has led to percentage increases in economic growth in those respective countries. Our aim is to achieve growth targets by harnessing the socio and economic benefits of ICT investment and deployment in Namibia," he said. It is generally known that the primary reason for Namibia's poor ICT development status is the inadequate levels of achievement of school leavers in mathematics and science. "Very few students qualify for admission to qualifications in science, engineering and technology. I was informed that the Polytechnic in cooperation with Namsta is currently having workshops for mathematics and science teachers to look at the use of simple and readily available devices and toys to conduct physics experiments, in areas such as mechanics of solids and fluids, acoustics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and optics. "I am confident that these types of workshops will increase school-leaver results in mathematics and science," he said. I am even more confident that MTC, through its foundation, partners and colleagues from the education sector will further support and drive public private partnerships to harness, develop and sustain these changes." He concluded by saying: "Since its inception the Polytechnic has kept up with the technological changes and made its course offerings technology-based, to address the demands of the different industries within the nation and by establishing disciplines that can address the immediate needs of the economy. "MTC Foundation and Polytechnic of Namibia, we encourage you to continue your partnership endeavours and pioneer to continue in ICT innovation in Namibia."
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