• September 22nd, 2018
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Political Plot Thickens with Death Threats

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK The Councillor for Sibbinda Constituency in Caprivi, Felix Mukupi, was cautioned to appear in court on allegations he threa-tened to kill a person who failed to undertake a secret mission to tape record two councillors during a recent political campaign. Although speculation was rife at Katima Mulilo that Mukupi was arrested on Tuesday, well-placed police sources said this was not the case. Investigators merely gave him a court date after they obtained a statement from the ruling Swapo Party politician, the sources revealed. The person who was allegedly threatened was supposed to secretly tape record two councillors Dorothy Kabula and former governor, Bernard Sibalatani, in a political intrigue that followed the hotly contested position for regional governor that was won by Leonard Mwilima. Mukupi is said to have given money to one Christopher Siboli Lifasi to secretly record Kabula, the Councillor for Linyanti, to find out whether she supported the then governor, Sibalatani, or she gunned for Mwilima. After Lifasi failed to deliver a secretly recorded conservation as agreed with Mukupi, the businessman allegedly threatened him with death. The threat was allegedly made this week on Tuesday night at a popular drinking hole frequented by businesspeople and other prominent figures at the northeastern town. According to Siboli, Mukupi apparently gave him a tape recorder with the intention to secretly record a conversation with Kabula and even the former governor Sibalatani. The instructions, Mukupi purportedly gave to his henchman was to ascertain from Sibalatani whether Kabula supported his failed candidature for the position of governorship or whether she gunned for Mwilima's candidacy. As a reward for his would-be intelligence-gathering functions, Siboli was apparently given N$300 by Mukupi with a promise for more money provided he executed the mission successfully. However, Siboli developed cold feet and never went ahead with the plan. He duly handed in the tape recorder to a friend who happens to be a policeman, without divulging any further details of the supposed task to the police officer. "I gave the tape recorder to the police, without the money because I had used it up," confessed Siboli. On Sunday, at around 19h00, an apparently furious Mukupi approached Siboli at a local lodge and demanded his tape recorder and money back. Siboli reportedly asked Mukupi why he was demanding his "stuff" in full public view. It was then that Mukupi allegedly made the threat saying, "You must be careful, you will be hit by a car or you will be killed." After the incident, Siboli opened a case with the Katima Mulilo Police Station and the case reference number was confirmed to New Era as 12/03/2008 lodged at 14h00 at the Katima Mulilo Police Station on Monday. Mukupi was unavailable for comment. His mobile phone went unanswered and despite several messages left on his phone since Tuesday, he has been unable to return the calls. New Era attempted to seek comment from the Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner PP Kampolo, at Katima Mulilo. He refused to comment saying it is not his policy to speak to journalists over the phone. He, however, referred New Era to the national police headquarters in Windhoek. By the time of going to press, the police public relations division had not responded.
2008-03-06 00:00:00 10 years ago
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