• September 21st, 2018
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American Activities for the Month

MARCH is Women's Month at the American Cultural Centre and below is the schedule of movies celebrating women. The movies start at 17h30 on Wednesdays in the American Cultural Centre Auditorium, Third Floor, Sanlam Building. Admission is free. The American Cultural Centre Kids' Reading Programme will continue in March. Primary schools interested in collaborating with us on this programme should contact Mrs van Neel at 229801 [ext. 231]. March 12, 2008, 'Claudine' While struggling to support herself and her six children in Harlem by working as a maid for a wealthy family, Claudine (Carroll) meets a charming garbage man, Roop (James Earl Jones). But although Roop is smitten with the lovely single mother, his own life trials make him slow to respond to her invitation to a lifetime of love. The touching story of Claudine will inspire smiles and tears in viewers of all ages. For further information, please contact Cultural Assistant, Sarah Nauyoma, at 229801 [ext 225].
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