• September 20th, 2018
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Enemies Now Come through Back Door

WHO is the enemy? This question has been asked according to my opinion by many people who know the answer, but who either try to mislead the people or to divert the meaning of the word in the context it is applicable in the current political atmosphere in Namibia, or as perceived by the peace-loving people of the world. The same question might arise from the innocents who might not distinguish between peace as is prevailing today in Namibia and anarchy as it is today campaigned for by enemies of peace - disguising themselves in different forms. The main culprits of the enmity of peace are none other than the imperialists who are openly against peace, progress, self-determination and self-reliance for those who are not one of their own. It is an open secret that the imperialists were never happy with their losing of the colonies or their dominance in the world. So, they still have business that still need to be finished. Being smart, they are coming through the backdoor in the form of globalization, using agents, traitors, reactionaries, failed and frustrated politicians, using their kin in the media circles or going through or channelling funds through human rights organizations, NGOs, trade unions, opportunists who do not know or understand politics and democracy, etc. to advance their cause through subversive activities. The role played by such unprincipled people and organizations to assist in the creation of political tensions, divisions, hatred, economic sabotage and destabilization, etc., can be regarded as treacherous and therefore such people and organizations can be regarded as enemies of peace. Examples of these are many in Africa, such as economic sabotage in Zimbabwe. In Namibia, we have the same situation where a human rights organization and its staff members purport to be defenders of human rights for all in this country, but unfortunately who have programmes for a specific mission, namely, to fight a specific political party and its leaders. Since its inception, the human rights organization had declared war against SWAPO and has been hiding behind freedom of expression and speech, and has been involved in hurling wild allegations many of which have been shot down, vilifications, smear campaigns, insults, distortion of history and even going to the extent of trying to deny prominent role players in the liberation struggle the roles they played. It is not suprising to see that the fellows from our human rights organization are sensitive to criticism, which is an indication that their so-called debates are not genuine but a mere stepping stone to advance their mission of dragging their targets through the mud since many a time they threaten to 'expose' their critics. Whatever it means, nobody knows. It is even laughable to hear some of these fellows claiming that their criticisms are meant to advise SWAPO, instead of advising the parties they have been heavily involved in creating and are daily supporting, defending and speaking on whose behalf. It is a pity to see some innocents who have been brainwashed to the extent of believing that it is SWAPO which is the enemy of peace in this country while forgetting that it is the same organization that has ensured the prevailing of peace here due to its discipline despite the harsh treatment of its leaders by the forces of division and destruction. Imperialist agents might not know that they have been blinded and are being used. They might also be aware that they are being used, but since they have been shackled to the dollar which goes to their bellies, they accept their treacherous role. It is a pity that there are people who glorify these traitors as heroes not knowing that their roles are detrimental to all of us. As I already said before, imperialists are smart and they encourage or rather dictate to us to do what they think will be to their benefit, for example to form as many parties as possible, but we fail to see or are we so na??????'??
2008-03-07 00:00:00 10 years ago
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