• September 23rd, 2018
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Magistrate Yet to Receive RDP Objection

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Eenhana magistrate, Natalia Hanhele, has not yet received the letter in which the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) objects to the holding of a by-election at Eenhana on March 28. Speaking to New Era yesterday morning, the magistrate said she has not received any such letter and the RDP should not try to implicate her. This follows a statement by the RDP interim president, Hidipo Hamutenya, that his party has officially lodged an objection with the magistrate at Eenhana. Hamutenya, in fact, handed out copies of the letter, which was dated March 10 to the media at a press conference that was conducted at his house on Tuesday. "I did not receive such a letter by hand or fax and if they are claiming they registered an objection with the Eenhana Magistrates' Court, they must prove it." Hanhele added that she also did not receive any objections for the voters' roll and thus does not have to send out any notices. Interestingly, the regional secretary of RDP in the Ohangwena Region, Joseph Halueendo, who is said to be the author of the letter, by yesterday morning, had not even seen the letter that he is supposed to sign. Speaking to New Era yesterday morning, Halueendo said he was looking for a facsimile facility to receive the letter from head office in Windhoek. It is not yet clear what action the magistrate could take after receiving and considering the allegations of intimidation, obstruction, violence and disturbances in the build-up to the by-election. The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN), Victor Tonchi, said he is not aware of the letter and its contents, as his office has not received a copy yet. Tonchi, however, noted that the powers to conduct elections, call them off or postpone them should irregularities arise are vested in the ECN. Meanwhile, the Congress of Democrats (CoD) faction - which calls itself CoD Majority - said the suspended director of elections, Philemon Kanime, and three other employees are victims of political opportunism. In a media release issued on Tuesday by the vice-chairperson of CoD Majority, Moses Katjiuongua, the party stated that the Swapo Party has become a political scandal and it is clear that a handful of Swapo "political porcupines" have taken over the direction of Swapo's political leadership. The CoD said it wants to see the ECN director either appointed or elected by Parliament after consensus by all political parties taking part in the electoral process. The party urged Namibians to keep the Namibian political house clean.
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