• September 26th, 2018
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Nedbank Support Arts, Culture

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The new Managing Director of Nedbank, Erastus Hoveka, last Sunday declared his bank's support for the development of arts and culture. Hoveka was speaking at the opening of a commemorative exhibition of South African artist, Gerard Sekoto, at the National Arts Gallery as part of a South Africa Art Week celebrations held in the capital. "As the new MD of Nedbank Namibia, this is my first official task at an arts event - but I can assure you not the last," Hoveka said. "Nedbank Namibia is proud to be associated with this exhibition to bring the arts closer to the people, to expand the current arts market and to create a higher awareness of appreciation of our rich artistic and creative innovations by African artists," the MD said. In his opinion visual art is a universal language. "Despite the differences in customs, practices and beliefs around the world, art is found in every human grouping and community, both in the past and the present, where activities in the form of ceremonies and rituals or artifacts such as symbols and creative products happened to reflect the identity of such a community," he asserted. "Besides sciences, philosophers, lawmakers, commerce, politics and religion, artists too have to play a role as critics and visionaries of their societies. I think the following quote may say it all: "Science and technology can advance human development, but do not tend to the soul; the arts do. Furthermore, Nedbank will uphold its commitment to arts and culture. We believe in the strength of relationships, the support of partners and the mutual respect and trust of clients and our communities," Hoveka concluded.
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