• September 21st, 2018
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APP Rally for Keetmans

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The All People's Party (APP) is expected to hold its first public rally at Keetmanshoop at the end of the month following the party's official launch at Rundu last weekend. Speaking to New Era yesterday, the interim chairperson of APP, Ignatius Shixwameni, said the party and its interim leadership would be introduced in all the 13 regions of the country during the coming months. Shixwameni expressed satisfaction with the attendance at the launch on Saturday and said the next stop will be Keetmanshoop, followed by Walvis Bay and then Windhoek. The former deputy minister said although the party does not have money, its ordinary members have shown willingness to assist financially. The party is going on a full-scale campaign to prepare itself for next year's elections. The APP logo is a red flag with a black map of Namibia in the centre. Within the map is a circle of 13 diamonds with the party abbreviation APP on top and the slogan "We Are One" at the bottom. Red is said to represent the collective resolve, determination and courage to ensure that the people and country will achieve the objectives of equality, justice, prosperity and unity in their lifetime. It further symbolises the party's love for the motherland, Shixwameni explained. The black Namibian map represents the people as the most precious and valuable resource of the land while the diamonds represents the country's vast natural resources and wealth. The number of diamonds, 13, represents the 13 regions of the country, united in its diversity. Shixwameni said the aim and objective of the APP is to unite all the people of Namibia in one open truly democratic party which represents their needs, aspirations, dreams and ideas and collectively work for their practical realisation. Another objective of the party is to fight for the total eradication of poverty, unemployment, inequalities and any form of discrimination in society and to establish a society of opportunities for all its citizens and residents. The party also aims to work for the equitable and fair redistribution of natural resources and proceeds thereof to the benefit of the communities and all the people. The party further aims to take the reigns of government and establish a modern model welfare state in which all citizens have free access to quality education, descent housing and are guaranteed a descent standard of living. In its constitution, the APP says it aims to create an open society free of any fear and wants to broaden real democratic participation free from intolerance of each other's ideas and to participate in regular free and fair elections. Meanwhile, the APP interim leadership consists of Shixwameni as interim chairperson, Stephanus Swartbooi as Shixawameni's deputy. Portia Kondombolo is the interim secretary for youth, sports, arts and culture; Linus Muchila is interim secretary for finance and administration; Hildegard Hambira is interim secretary for gender and welfare; Madalla Nauyoma is the interim secretary for political mobilisation and organisation while Christopher Ndembere is the interm secretary for projects and community development. Additional members of the leadership are Frans Basson, Rejoyce Howaes and James Lifalaza.
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