• September 22nd, 2018
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Least Cost Mobile Routing Deal Signed

By Catherine Sasman WINDHOEK Mobile operator Cell One and TelePassport signed a least cost routing (LCR) distribution agreement this week. The agreement allows Cell One to use the LCR technology through which fixed or landline calls made to a mobile phone can be converted into a cell-to-cell call, guaranteeing monetary savings of up to 40 percent for corporate companies. The smart partnership agreement between the two companies would offer competitive rates to landline users when calling to the Cell One network, said Dr Leake Hangala, Director of Corporate Strategy at Cell One. TelePassport have been instrumental in introducing the LCR concept to the corporate communications market since 2005, said the Managing Director of the company, Phillip Stier. "With the signing of the LCR agreement, voice calls destined to Cell One will be routed directly to the Cell One network," explained Stier. This means that all voice calls made from a landline will be charged as a Cell One to Cell One call. "This is obviously much more cost effective," Stier said, adding, "Every bit of savings helps in today's tough economic climate and we are proud to have been part of such a savings venture."
2008-03-18 00:00:00 10 years ago
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