• September 19th, 2018
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Oshikandela on High Demand in Angola

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Namibia Dairies' Oshikandela is a sought after product on the Angolan market. "Angolans are crazy about Oshikandela," said Namibia Dairies Managing Director Desmond van Jaarsveld in a statement yesterday. Their love for the culture milk has resulted in an increase in the dairy company's sales, he said. Van Jaarsveld said the dairy producer was finding its feet in Lubango, part of the 15 million inhabitants strong Angolan market, which is rebuilding its economy after decades of war. "With the company having found its footing, plans are now to push ahead with initiatives to cement its sales and distribution footprint in that market, notably with additional investments in its infrastructure," he said. The southern pro-vinces of Cunene, Namibe and Huila account for an estimated 1.1 million potential customers making these lucrative markets for the dairy producer, said Van Jaarsveld. Namibia Dairies has been confined to Lubango specially Huila Province to test the market. He added that the company was ready to collaborate with its Angolan partners to improve their distribution infrastructure thereby capitalising on untapped opportunities. "Confidence is high that growth here will enable the company to increase its revenue thereby optimising the utilisation of its production capacity in Windhoek," he said, adding that the move would enhance Namibia Dairies price competitiveness in Angola. Van Jaarsveld was, however, quick to say Angola is a virgin market, which would take a long pioneering spirit, experiential learning and patience for the Namibia Dairies and other Namibian companies to succeed. Angola is at present the most important export market for Oshikandela, while Botswana is still being nurtured. Oshikandela was repackaged in September last year. It comes in packages of 1 litre, 350 ml and sachets for children. Yoghurt, juices and UHT milk are also exported to Angola.
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