• September 23rd, 2018
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'Kalla was a Consummate Parliamentarian'

By Kuvee Kangueehi WINDHOEK Former Congress of Democrats (CoD) vice president and Member of Parliament Nora Schimming-Chase said the late CoD MP, Reinhard Kalla Gertze, was a consummate parliamentarian. Schimming-Chase made the remarks yesterday afternoon at the Parliament Gardens during a memorial service to pay tribute to Gertze. "In paying tribute to Kalla, I can say without fear or favour that Kalla was a consummate parliamentarian." She said Gertze never interrupted a colleague, he never belittled a colleague; he never violated the dignity of the House by his words or his actions. "He never asked for an increase in salary or all the benefits for himself and that is the legacy Kalla leaves behind". Schimming-Chase said during his short sojourn, in the house, Gertze moved seven motions, which sometimes took months to debate. She noted that the late lawmaker contributed regularly to the discussions in the house and asked numerous questions. Schimming-Chase said Gertze also worked hard in the standing committees on which he served and what is important is not quantity of motions and questions but the quality. "They were well researched, well written and well presented and well debated and almost all of them were adopted because they were issues of national interest and not party politics." The MP noted that most significantly is that all the motions of late Gertze dealt with issues affecting the poor, issues of social welfare, education, justice and health, safety and democracy. Recalling some of the motions, Schimming-Chase said Gertze's first motion was tabled in July 2005 and the motion dealt with the appropriateness of the current financial burden placed on the public and also that of penalties against default payments or dishonoured cheques by banks and creditors and their adverse effect on both business and the public. Addressing the mourners Schimming-Chase said when death comes, people are in the habit of looking for signs indicating that the deceased had a premonition of his impending passing. He noted that Gertze on his last day in Parliament asked 16 questions and 11 of those questions were directed at the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, late John Pandeni who, died tragically less than 48 hours later. "Many coincidences can be interpreted, but similarities remain, both freedom fighters, both young and both consummate MPs with all the attributes I have described as being Kalla's." President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Founding Father of the Nation, Dr Sam Nujoma, did not attend the memorial service and the Prime Minister Nahas Angula delivered the President's message. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Theo-Ben Gurirab, and various members of Parliament attended the memorial service. Reverent Willem Pieters from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia led the devotion and benediction. Fellow CoD member, Pauline Dempers, delivered the eulogy. Gertze died on March 12 at his Windhoek West home after an asthma attack. He was 47. He leaves behind his wife, Ria, and five children.
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