• September 21st, 2018
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Pandeni was a Born Leader - Iilonga

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK In true comradeship, one man who knew the late John Pandeni very well has described him as a fearless warrior, a brave man and true soldier. Petrus Iilonga, the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, narrated to New Era the life of the man described by many as a political cool head. Born John Alfons Pandeni in 1950 at Omundjalala in the Omusati Region (Ombalantu) according to Iilonga, Pandeni was a born leader, who at a very young age already exhibited leadership qualities. "Pandeni from a young age had the ability to lead others, whether it was on the football field or in the field. Pandeni was a true leader." Iilonga and the late Pandeni were distant relatives and went on to bond even further in exile. While growing up at an uncle's homestead in Metii-lyasa, Ongandjera district, the two spent some time together and their bond grew stronger. When he completed teacher training at D??????'??
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