• September 26th, 2018
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IUM Won't Disengage - Vice Chancellor

By Anna Shilongo WINDHOEK The Vice Chancellor and founder of the International University of Management Dr David Namwandi says IUM will not disengage, but will continue to complement government efforts in eradicating disparity both socially and economically. To this effect, Namwandi pledged to mould and groom students to take their rightful place in industry, with the necessary skills and knowledge. "IUM will assume its rightful place in the society by providing much needed sound education and training to its students," he said during the institution's orientation ceremony held last week in Windhoek. He assured the gathering that IUM would continue to impart knowledge, which will enable students to compete globally. "We cannot disengage. Our trace study clearly reveals that this institution is making a significant contribution to this nation in terms of manpower development and we want to continue with this noble task of imparting knowledge," he said. It is in this light that Namwandi was of the opinion that his graduates are at all times the most sought-after in industry. "This is not just because of their training but because of their passion for excellence, which we have ignited in them. To us education is so crucial that it cannot be left alone to Government," said the IUM's vice chancellor. "To this end we appreciate Government for creating a conducive atmosphere for us to operate in. We promise the Government and the people of Namibia that we will deliver the goods, and we are obliged to give intellectual guidance to the society," he stressed. IUM is one of the few institutions of higher learning which has responded swiftly to societal needs and to challenges that are facing the country, he said. The institution's faculty of HIV/AIDS being the first of its kind in the region has already trained over 197 professionals, most of whom have been absorbed by the labour market. The institution offers a variety of courses, and there are about 32 programmes that are mounted to address the challenges that are threatening the society. "We can thus comfortably say that on completion, our graduates are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills which will enable them to obtain employment and or generate work and wealth for themselves and others," stressed the vice chancellor. Despite some limited resources at the institution's disposal, Namwandi was confident that the institution is determined to make ends meet by ensuring that those who went through the institution's hands are thoroughly sharpened to make meaningful contributions towards the realisation of vision 2030. At the same time he appealed to employers and the Government to have confidence in graduates from IUM. Namwandi also called on parents to send their children to the institution for the courses that are not in the country, instead of spending more dollars to send students abroad. "We want to be a nation of innovators and great thinkers. "A nation that rejects to consume everything that others produce, and this is the foundation on which this fine university is built," said Namwandi.
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