• September 22nd, 2018
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RiZZY to be Crowned KiNG

FRESH off the heels of RiZZY's new music video Kgomampe, RiZZY is expected to be crowned KiNG in style on tomorrow at The Warehouse. Unlike, other CD launches RiZZY opted to stay mum about the opening acts. RiZZY rather decided to emphasise that The Crowning launch is happening on tomorrow and it is not anybody else's launch but RiZZY's crowning and it was made possible with the generous support of Namibia's number one sponsor of "Good Times" Tafel Lager. According to Krazzy-E!/RV, RiZZY will be crowned the KiNG of ... Without totally completing the statement chose to end the statement by saying "be at the Warehouse to find out". Krazzy-E!/RV further stated that The Crowning, unlike other CD launches, is no ordinary CD launch. It is expected to feature theatrics of the best kind. According to RiZZY this will be his best show ever, and it will certainly redefine the way the public view CD launches. After a successful pre-album launch campaign and having shot his new big budget video. RiZZY further added, " I, RiZZY, am at my all time best. I have been exercising so I can give the best electrifying performance possible." Tickets will be available for a mere N$30 but as an added bonus, if you buy a CD at the door you get in for free. RiZZY's CD will be selling at a one-off special price of N$50 only. RiZZY can be contacted through his management by calling 0812531450. RiZZY's album, The Crowning, has been well received. The Crowning is available exclusively from Universal Sounds (Windhoek), Streethouse (Yetu Mall - Oshakati), or by calling RiZZY's Distribution Manager at 081253450. It will also be available at the launch for only N$50.
2008-03-28 00:00:00 10 years ago
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