• September 25th, 2018
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Art a Reality at Katurura School

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Learners at the Marti Artisaari Primary School will this Saturday hold a historic public art exhibition with 30 self-created works at the Katutura Community Arts Centre at 13h00. The exhibition forms part of an in-job-training educational art teaching programme between Oruuano Artists Union, the Ministry of Education and NIED. "This is the final leg of our teaching project, organized by the Finnish-Namibian Society, in which we have been working for eight weeks with art teachers and learners at the school," said Kerttu Eriksson, one of the Finnish students facilitating the project supported by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The teachers' art project was started in 2007 and will be running up to next year. "Actually my colleague and I have been doing our ten-week practical for university studies to become Bachelors of Arts and Culture. For the exhibition we have primarily used recycling materials from nature, dumping sites and old newspapers. The techniques we have used include paper mosaic, smoke printing, chicken wire, paper sculptors, graphic and painting," said Niina Karkkainen. The project is aimed at introducing educational art in Namibian schools. "During this pilot project we have learned the importance of getting Namibian teachers in a more practical way involved in arts education as part of their daily work in the classroom. Presently there is only one period per week allocated to arts at schools, something that has to be seriously reconsidered if art teaching in schools is to flourish," said Kerttu.
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