• September 22nd, 2018
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Farmers Warned about Animal Sickness

By Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek The community police officer at Aminuis Major Kazeurua has warned farmers in the Aminuis constituency not to move any animals between Botswana and Namibia as cases of foot-and-mouth disease have been reported in Botswana close to Aminuis. Speaking to New Era yesterday, Kazeurua said new cases of the disease were reported at places that are a few kilometers from Corridor 10, Corridor 12 and Corridor 16, and thus any movement of animals across the border could have a detrimental effect on farmers in the area. He noted that the movement of animals could lead to the area being placed under quarantine, which will have serious repercussions on farmers. He urged all farmers in the area to report any broken fence along the common border. Botswana has a history of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) occurrence and control that dates back to the 1930s. One of the most recent cases of FMD in Botswana was reported in 2004. In that incident, the disease outbreak occurred in the Matsiloje Extension Area of Francistown veterinary district situated in the northeastern part of the country, which the Office International des ??????'??
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