• September 21st, 2018
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Learners Get Video Training

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK Last week 20 male grade 11 and 12 learners from different secondary Windhoek and Rehoboth schools attended a video facilitation workshop in the capital. The video facilitation was staged under the theme, 'Opening hearts and minds', in which the participants learned how to set off video presentations and initiate group discussions on the topic of HIV/Aids. The workshop was jointly organized by Goethe-Centre/NaDS and IBIS/Positive Vibes. "The aim of the workshop was to provide the participants with skills to make effective use of videos in promoting discussion around HIV/Aids, covering basic methodology from how to facilitate a video screening up to preparing and running a screening. "The workshop included practical sessions and teamwork for all participants to get some 'hands-on experience on facilitation video screenings', said the Goethe Centre's director, Christiani Schulte. The workshop focused on two main issues, namely the provision of skills to the participants to screen videos at their schools and to enable group discussions on delicate topics - with an option of further support and mentoring. It also dealt with equipping the participants with basic expertise on communicating and handling challenging situations within presentations. The workshop facilitators were Kennedy Lifalaza, a trainer working for IBIS/Positive Vibes, and Harold Swartz, operating as a regional coordinator for Nawa Life Trust. "All participants distinguished themselves by an extremely high level of commitment and dedication throughout the course of the workshop. We would like to wish all of them a lot of success and accomplishment as future workshop facilitators," she said.
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