• September 21st, 2018
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Crowning Exudes Maturity

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK I have never understood the dynamics of hip hop, neither could I tell the reason why crazy teens would be donning themselves in oversize pants, with overzealous bandanas and branded T-shirts that make you look like a billboard in Central Park Avenue. That is as far as being my idyllic view of HIP HOP. When chanced to review an album of yet another (but prominent) local hip Hop artist, I registered my discontent partially, but boy was I to think twice about my original views. The name Risto NGHAMBE might not mean anything, but the funkier name of Rissy Rizz might tickle your memory. Yes, the gentleman has come a long way since he released that infamous music video, at Olympia swimming pool trying to depict a pool party or something. I was a critic then, but not an official one. But he has grown in stature since that, his previous work Nangaye. As it was, he produced an album or rather as they say, "dropped" a project entitled the Crowning of the King. In a few words, it is something quite astute to take home to. The only outage is whether anyone but teenagers, hip hop ardent fans will listen to the tracks. My verdict - every one should. The Crowning is an exceptionally well-compiled work of art by producer Stalin 'Shortman' Kapembe and his sidekick Mufaro Nesongano. Overall it is a nice collection of edgy songs, but a few really stuck out like track five Give Love a Try featuring Arthur. Arthur's voice is reminiscent of New Jack City groove accompanied by poetic rapping, easy to listen and easy to identify with as well. Track Kgomape contains more roots centred beats based on the African scene and this collaboration with artists from Botswana - Rasta and Ole - might just turn out to be the best collaboration come 2008 music awards. Another tantalising track to look out for is track two entitled Ningeni featured with Matongo family's Stravo.
2008-04-04 00:00:00 10 years ago
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