• September 22nd, 2018
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Hitman/Alfaro Clash Off

Don King Dollars Sidelines Planned Fight By Carlos Kambaekwa WINDHOEK The much trumpeted and eagerly awaited WBA Lightweight World title fight between current champion Jose Alfaro and Namibia's WBA Pan-African champion Paulus "The Hitman" Moses is off, at least for the time being. In an effort to give the Nicaraguan boxer an extended run in the business of World champions and rightly so, world acclaimed boxing promoter Don King has reportedly dangled an undisclosed carrot in the face of the Namibian boxer and his camp to wave their right as mandatory challengers. In an interesting move local boxing promoter Nestor Tobias, from the Nestor Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy, revealed that the unbeaten Moses will have to wait a bit longer for a bite at the world title following King's irresistible offer - requesting the Namibians to accept a "Stepping Aside Fee" and allow Alfaro to rather open his title defence against a less dangerous Japanese boxer. "We had no other alternative but to accept the offer, because my primary aim was and still remains to stage the fight here on local soil but it will cost a fortune to fulfill that desire and we need more time to line up sufficient sponsors, though a number of potential sponsors have committed themselves verbally at this point in time," said Tobias. Tobias reiterated that all is not lost for Moses because he still remains the mandatory challenger, irrespective of who come out tops between the Nicaraguan world champion and his Japanese challenger. The winner is required by international boxing laws to defend his title against Moses not later than 90 days after the fight. "Part of the deal with King is that Moses will be in action in one of the under cards and the onus is on us to choose an opponent of convenience - in addition we have been given a chance to enter some of our promising boxers in the other under cards." In a desperate attempt to restore some lost pride and the fading dignity of former Commonwealth Welterweight champion Paulus "Ali" Nuumbembe, Tobias has moved quickly and lined up a title fight for the itchy fisted Namibian boxer. Nuumbembe has been thrown another lifeline following his controversial defeat at the hands of British challenger Craig Watson, a decision that signalled the end of his promising boxing career in the United Kingdom. He is the mandatory challenger for the WBA Pan-African Welterweight title and will be required to put the experienced gained in the United Kingdom into good use when he comes up against current WBA Pan-African Welterweight champion Welcome Nthingila of South Africa on the 19th of next month at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino. The 29-year old temporary Mancunian has in the meantime resumed his duties as captain in the Namibian Defence Force and boats an impressive record of 24 fights under his belt in the paid ranks with three defeats and one draw. Meanwhile, Tobias has put to rest rumours doing the rounds as to what led to Jason "Taks" Naule's dismal showing in only his second title defence against Kaizer Mabuza, that saw the Namibian effortlessly relinquish his WBA Pan-African Junior Welterweight title to the hard-hitting South African boxer at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino last month. It has been reported that a very close associate of Naule believed the boxer was given some unknown substance in between the breaks that apparently led to his sub-standard antics in the ring. However, Tobias laughed the suggestions off and said that's pure imagination because he had spoken to his boxer afterwards whereupon Naule confessed to him that he was besieged with family-related personal problems and was not in the right frame of mind during the bout. "We managed to get to the root of problem, but that's water under the bridge now and plans are afoot for a rematch because Naule as the dethroned champion is the mandatory challenger to reclaim his title. The much anticipated rematch is unlikely to take place before the end August this year."
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