• September 22nd, 2018
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Weekend Films at FNCC

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK As part of the Wild Film Festival two films will be screened tomorrow at the FNCC, it was announced in a press release. A locally produced film, Nama an experimental movie shot in the Namib Desert by the Reunion director Nikunja, starring the Namibian born actress and 2006 "Face of Africa" model Venantia Otto will first be screened. This exciting film is about the search for human existence, the origins of human culture and man's will to create. The individual is confronted to the universal, fashion to timelessness, the moment to the eternal, space to eternity. Herein, believes Nikunja, lies the link between the existential and the philosophical, the spiritual and the mundane, creating a specific awareness for the eye of the camera as the centre of being - the spectator watching the film. Thus a car ride to the desert becomes an invocation of the eternal recognition of the never ending interconnection between the ancestors and the children, the past and the ever self-inventing future, the origin and self-destruction of all, as the utmost evolutionary comprehension of self-effacement, hoping to achieve an art experience between film and performance, where fiction is document and vice versa, and non-existence and existence become one as the ultimate ecstasy of being. The same evening at 21h00 the Moroccan drama by Isma??????'??
2008-04-04 00:00:00 10 years ago
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