• September 26th, 2018
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New Booklet on Handling Finances

By Wezi Tjaronda WINDHOEK The Namibia Asset Management (NAM) recently launched a financial reference guide to educate Namibians on financial matters. The booklet titled "Investing in the Future" explains how economics and the flow of money works, what saving options are available for people and how one can choose between various types of available investments. The aim of the guide is to help Namibians who have a genuine interest in getting their financial affairs in order by investing a portion of their generated income, planning and implementing investment strategies. The book can also be used as a reference tool amongst family members. Last year, the company had a road show around the country during which it made presentations on "Investing in the future" in 19 localities to more than 400 people. Following the presentations, there have been calls for information, according to NAM Chief Executive Officer Ben Bertolini, which made the company convert the presentations into a booklet. The road show was meant to educate Namibians on money matters and to encourage them to plan their personal and business finances better. SMEs Compete, a local consultancy firm that builds capacity among small and medium enterprises for them to grow, conceptualised and helped NAM undertake the road show as well as designed the document. The booklet contains information on who the Namibia Asset Management is, their purpose and values and various topics on financial matters such as: Understanding choices; Understanding economics; Where cash comes from and where it goes; How investment works; How to invest in shares and NAM's unit trust products. Namibia Asset Management was formed in 1997 in response to a national call for Namibians to take part in the development of the economy especially in the financial services sector. It works in partnership with Coronation Fund Managers Limited, a South African asset management firm which assists NAM in managing assets entrusted to the Namibian company. Recently, the company launched two retail unit trust products, namely NAM Coronation Balanced Defensive Fund and NAM Coronation Strategic Income Fund.
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