• September 24th, 2018
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Cell One Offers Mobile Internet

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK In order to satisfy the rapid growing customer base of mobile and cellular service users, Namibia's newest player to the lucrative mobile telecommunication industry Cell One stepped a notch higher when they added yet another convenient service to their product portfolio, namely mobile Internet. The mobile company officially launched its data service at a small intimate event here in the capital yesterday, unlike its previous launches where extravagant media hype was present. During the launch, Cell One revealed that its newest acquisition would be accessible in all 13 regions of the country. Cell One's Group Products Manager, Ronel le Grange, said: "Cell One's mobile Internet guarantees easy and affordable access to services such as e-mail, web, corporate data and social interaction applications." The company assures customers that their mobile Internet connectivity will be easily accessible wherever they are. "Cell One customers are guaranteed of mobile Internet connectivity whenever they are within Cell One's coverage." The company revealed that this new service is freely and open to all, with no forms needed to be filled in aside from purchasing a Subscriber Identity Module card (SIM) to start using the service. The service is available for both post-paid and prepaid customers. "Cell One mobile Internet can be set up by sending a blank short message service to the number 1253, and after a short interactive procedure, customers are ready to surf the Internet for as little as N$1 per megabyte," announced the company. The service is charged on the amounts of uploads and downloads, regardless of the length of time spent online. The company also announced that they have reached an agreement with South African cellular service operator Vodacom, to partner data roaming for all Cell One clients. According to Cell One, their mobile Internet service has been in operation ever since December 2007, but it was offered as a free trial basis only. Cell One became Namibia's second mobile operator in March 2007. The company is trading under the name PowerCom (Pty) and is a wholly owned Namibian company with NamPower holding 37% percent shareholding, Telecom Management Partner 39%, Zeven Investment Corporation 12%, Old Mutual 10% percent and the PowerCom Educational Development Trust having 2% percent. Ever since its emergence on the scene the industry has seen unbelievable price cutting in voice, data and mobile services. Previously Mobile Telecommunication Limited Namibia (MTC) pioneered mobile services in the country since its establishment in 1995. With the appearance of Cell One on the Namibian market, the two giants have been hard at work trying to retain and poach new customers, with their ever-innovative ways and business acumen. An example of such is the introduction of mobile TV by MTC in partnership with pay television channel Digital Satellite TV.
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