• September 21st, 2018
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Walvis Council Rallies for Flood Help

By Charles Tjatindi WALVIS BAY The municipal council here joined other organizations and agencies in soliciting funds to be donated to families affected by floods in the northern regions this week. In a media statement, council launched an appeal to Walvis Bay residents to contribute cash or food to ease the plight of more than 70 000 Namibians affected by weeks of severe flooding and waterborne diseases in the northern regions of the country. The heaviest floods yet experienced in northern Namibia have left many people displaced and in despair as their crops have failed and livestock perished The council media statement quoted a preliminary assessment report by the office of the Prime Minister's Emergency Management Unit, which states that the future looks bleak for the affected communities as they might not harvest this year because crop fields have been submerged by water. The affected communities face a serious food shortage until the next harvesting season as mahangu storage facilities have also been damaged by the heavy rains. There are still villages that have not been reached by the emergency response personnel as roads leading to some of the villages have been made inaccessible by the floodwaters. For now, they are left to provide for themselves until such time that the water has subsided and off-road vehicles can reach them. As a result of the floods, many mobile health facilities have become inaccessible and some services totally suspended, leaving people vulnerable to waterborne diseases that could otherwise be prevented. The death toll as a result of waterborne diseases such as malaria and cholera is increasing daily even though health personnel are doing their best to contain the diseases. Over 80 schools in the Omusati, Ohangwena, Oshana and Oshikoto regions have been closed due to flooding, leaving over 8 000 learners without education. The reconstruction of roads is estimated at N$38 million, which will create a huge backlog in terms of development in these regions and the country as a whole. "Seeing that no provision was made for the floods in northern Namibia, it is expected that some of the country's capital projects would be put on hold to attend to the situation at hand," the statement stated. The Municipal Council of Walvis Bay is therefore appealing to the community of Walvis Bay to assist fellow Namibians in this regard through the Mayoral Relief Fund of Walvis Bay. Contributions which are needed for immediate emergency needs are food, tents, medical care and sanitation and can be made to Municipality of Walvis Bay, Standard Bank, Current Account No: 042859778, Branch code: 082272, Vote no: G60190066 Contributions can also me made at the municipal cash hall to the Mayoral Relief Fund: Vote Number: G60190066. Proof of contributions should be sent to fax no. 064 - 209668 Residents who wish to make donations in kind should contact the following persons and make appropriate arrangements: Josephine Sisande (2013268), Leevy-Lee Abrahams (2013234), Nolito Marques (2013381).
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