• September 19th, 2018
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Fancy Project Benefits Walvis Schools

By Charles Tjatindi WALVIS BAY As part of its social responsibility, the Woermann Brock Supermarket in Walvis Bay has embarked on a fund-raising project that will benefit about 12 schools at the town. The project involves collection boxes belonging to various schools which have been erected inside the supermarket. Consumers are requested to place their till slips in any of the boxes as per their discretion, upon which the supermarket chain pays 3 percent of the total purchase price to the school represented by the collection box. The exercise, which is in its second month now, has already paid out a total of N$7 000 to various schools in Walvis Bay. Most representatives of schools that benefited from the first donation noted that they would use the money for the acquisition of stationery and other vital educational tools. Woermann Brock Walvis Bay Manager Johan Pafenfos in an interview with New Era noted that the idea for the project originated after realizing that most of business comes from residents represented by the children at these various schools. "These parents spend money everyday on school items and bread for school for their kids here. It is therefore only right that business ploughs back what it receives into the community," he noted. He added that most of the previously black schools are not privy to some vital tools of education such as school computers and other items, as they often do not have strong support networks. He therefore urged other businesses at the town and elsewhere to follow suit and assist where they can in the education of Namibia's youth. "One can never go wrong if you invest in education. It is almost the only investment guaranteed to bring back fruitful results. Today, they are innocent young kids, but tomorrow, they will be the ones in charge of our economies. You wouldn't want to deny a future economist, teacher, doctor or businessman the chance to become that ... let us all support education," he pleaded. Pafenfos, when asked if he is not simply trying to score cheap marketing points for his business, pointed out that although his business might indirectly benefit from such an initiative, albeit on a very minimal scale, his real interest lies with uplifting the lives of many young school-going children who might otherwise not get a chance to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. "What I am giving to the schools is in actual sense actually coming from their parents and guardians' pockets. They deserve it ... it has nothing to do with marketing. My business is always ready to assist community initiatives, especially those that involve education," he said. The supermarket chain intends to go on with the project for as long as the need exists. This is the second community project that the supermarket in involved in. Woermann Brock also lends a hand to the Narraville Neighbourhood Watch, a crime fighting initiative, through ad-hoc logistical and administrative support.
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