• September 19th, 2018
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Muyongo Is a Finished Man

The Editor Allow me to comment on the recent ended trip by Namibia's Deputy Prime Minister Libertina Amathila with concern raised by the Masubia Chief Liswani in the Caprivi region. The issue was of Namibia's exiled UDP leader Mishake Muyongo, and of the media outlet that spread Muyongo's new year message. Chief Liswani and all those concerned Namibians that fear the Mishake "comeback" must rest assured that the alleged secessionist leader is finished, and his chances of ever setting foot on Namibian soil are next to zero. It should not surprise people - Muyongo's small time talk meant to mislead fellow Namibians that are holed up in Dukwi - fearing their return home. A tactic that has been employed many times over to discourage people coming on voluntary repatriation, and confusing those back home, who had been questioning the failed politician's activities in exile. That, such lies and spreading of false hope has become his lifeline on holding on to a people whose lives have degenerated to sheer destituteness. The secessionist leader won't be coming back to Namibia because of some of the following reasons: - Knowing the asylum process, Muyongo should have acquired his Danish citizenship that has finally given him a second life - which he won't disclose. - His pride won't allow him to admit failure. - The chap has nothing to lose, his close family members are not harmed or disadvantaged in anyway. - He "hijacked" a cause that he never understood, let alone navigate. - There are no UDP activities in exile meant to pursue the secessionist dream nor would they be entertained by anyone. UDP and Mishake have sunk! And it has become "each one for himself, and God for us all" that Namibians following the secessionist train will perish in the cold. Like the now bed-ridden former Governor John Mabuku, and hundreds of those that have already died. The same lies that CANU's self-proclaimed president and CEO of International Relief Mission Edward Ndopu had tried to come up with - all for self-enrichment. But has now disappeared in thin air. And ask - whose laugh comes last? The duo forgot that politics is about telling and living the truth than telling tales. The challenges that face Namibians in prison and the displaced population in refugee camps is to get back to what Presidential Affairs Minister Albert Kawana had once hinted upon "apologise and denounce secession". Otherwise, such lives will live to regret why they hanged on with a total failure that has brought more misery and suffering than at any point in Namibian history, especially those from the Caprivi region. Muyongo is a disgrace that betrayed his people and country. It is high time Namibians discarded him for the dustbin. He won't tell you that his political game was a non-starter - failed from the word "go". And today, thousands of families are headless, broken and have no solution in sight. Whereas "White Horse" is cooked, done and finished. It's time we turned a new page, embracing the policy of national reconciliation and peace for the good of our beautiful country - Namibia. As for the media outlet that got the 'White Horse" message -??????'??
2008-04-25 00:00:00 10 years ago
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