• September 19th, 2018
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Never Been My Cup of Tea

Anna Shilongo ONE thing I like about this country is that every one can become an expert on anything, provided he/she has watched enough NBC news, CNN, BBC and has listened to Shipindo and Mwala on NBC radio about the latest happenings. To qualify, one only needs to listen to the chat show every morning on how people rant and rave about politics in southern Africa. Obviously, the latest happening is the Zimbabwe arms case and just about every body I know seems to know more than Marco Hausiku, especially in Eveline Street, the busiest street in Katutura, where political commentators are plentiful. Since the start of elections and now the weapons everyone has become an expert including colleagues north-east of Katima Mulilo who are always on the Open Line. My question is how many political and regional commentators do we have in Namibia and what does it take to become one? Observation has shown me that the criteria you need to meet in order to become a Diescho in your own right are membership to a shebeen and party membership. I don't know which one but preferably any party that has in the past carried weapons and wise waters. The statement goes " when you drink like a fish, you swim like a fish" loosely translated your heart is more sincere and truthful when you are under the influence. And all my commentators have told me their heart-rending opinions in a drunken state. Who can challenge me on that? No offence intended but considering how you feel about the situation, I know it is a sensitive matter. Sensitivity has never been my cup of tea, from where I come from, the street has made me harsh - Shandumbala damn I hate you. Anyway, my editor and the sub have this "ka little chimurenga" brewing and needless to mention we have also been caught in the crossfire. By the way, the demonstration on the shipment of arms got me thinking why is it so difficult for one to retire. Demanding Comrade "Bob" to step down, wait until Bob hears this. He won't find it funny, especially those asking him to give a chance to Tsvangirai. Namibia is next; you will soon be asked to stay away from Bob's home affairs. And for my Zimbo sisters and brothers don't be surprised if you see a Harare bus in the city centre waiting for you to return. The man has power. All my life I have never seen a man as powerful as uncle "Bob", but believe me his strength is a "dot" in the kingdom of God. He might be strong and powerful on earth but not in Heaven. No offence, I am no judge but tell me who on this earth can defeat Bob? Who has ever defeated this man? Simply just eewa!
2008-04-25 00:00:00 10 years ago
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