• September 22nd, 2018
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Shooting From The Hip! - Making Sense of the NFA

Carlos Kambaekwa Lies, if not properly constructed or rather trying to multiply entities beyond necessity, would always leave a suspicious dent on your messengers - in this case, the press. Yours truly can just not understand why some people in high positions have developed a tendency of always pronouncing themselves on matters totally outside the area of their specialization, even if they don't have to for that matter. I just don't understand why the country's football authorities should really want us to believe that the newly appointed Brave Warriors coach Arie Schans is his own man, while the average Namibian knows very well that this is absolute beef. Trying to make us believe that Schans has the sole responsibility of selecting the national team is a little bit far-fetched and a clear demonstration of how football bosses underestimate the level of our intelligence. First of all, Schans hardly spends time in Namibia and only resurfaces a few days prior to a big match since his appointment and when does he ever watch football matches to assess players - for example, Luther Kanalelo of Ramblers has been warming the bench of late and it's only now that he started commanding a regular place again. When does Schans watch the players in action and when are we going to see new blood being introduced and discovered by Schans, like in the case of the late Bamfuchile when he unearthed the likes of Muna and Tara Katupose as well as the Civics pair of Jamu Ngatjizeko and Brian Bredell. Jeremiah "Bullfrog" Baisako was unceremoniously sent back home on the eve of Namibia's opening match against Morocco in the 26th edition of the African Cup of Nations in Ghana earlier this year, apparently for a disorder with his heartbeat. Now, the very same player who was a few months ago deemed unfit to play competitive football has been suddenly called up for national duty without any explanation regarding his much-publicized illness, but alas, this is NFA for you and things are done differently there my broer. Furthermore, the selection of the national team is becoming a sick joke with the very same players just being recycled at every turn with no new blood being introduced. Honestly speaking, players are certainly not picked on merit if one has to look at the absence of players who are currently hot property in the Namibia Premiership such as Klaas Blom (Pirates) and Ninja Karongee (Stars) and when will the selectors have a closer look at the versatile Enrico Afrikaner who has been performing consistently for Pirates over the years. If the selectors really watch matches as they claim, then we must have been watching different games because one can't digest the omission of Mighty Gunners' gigantic goalkeeper Edwin Narib, who has been the difference between the law enforcers and relegation so far this season. Journos Must Be Accorded Some Measure of Respect It's disgusting to note that sports journalists in this country are taken for a ride by people who are of very little significance to the subject they so dearly claim to serve. Journalists are the least respected people in this country while they have a bigger say in the destiny of those who appear to have become a law unto themselves, especially some rookie match officials who have a total different interpretation of the rules governing the game of football. During the Namibian Under-20 football team first leg African Youth Cup qualifier against Botswana last weekend - journos were shamelessly sent from pillar to post and left to feed for themselves with no team sheets available. The appointed match commissioner, a lightweight in the business of the beautiful game, tried by all means to throw his tiny weight around and even had the guts to tell the men with the poison ink straight to their face that they must wait until halftime, because he had locked the team sheets in his private car, nogal. That's just not the way to go my brother, and the sooner you start showing some respect towards journalists, the better unless you want to cannibalize your own business, so to speak. Why does the NFA Directorate always fall over their feet whenever the Brave Warriors are in action - rolling out the red carpet for the media with well prepared team sheets and always at hand to assist with whatever information is needed but when the national youth teams are in action - the professionalism suddenly goes up in smoke. Let me pen off here.
2008-04-25 00:00:00 10 years ago
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