• September 24th, 2018
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Sorry Ngo! - Yeah Man I Am on Face Book

John Ekongo FIRSTLY, if by any chance you have noticed that my by-line has been appearing less in the paper, I am guilty because of this face book thing. I must admit, it is quite a consternation and if by the end of the day I don't get chucked out of the newsroom by my CEO for spending too much non-quality time on the "book" then that be by God's grace only. The first time I got to hear of the term was through a former varsity friend of mine, Liz I met during my London escapade at the beginning of the year. She challenged me to keep in contact with her on face book. What was wrong with a good old e-mail you know, I wanted to know? So I rubbished any thoughts of this foreign term, thinking that it was just Liz probably trying to sound "first world kind of girl", you know. London makes people forget that you once came from Ondobe village. When it comes to techno I am as competent as Charles Tjatindi's Sagem phone. The only techno upgrade I have is a qualification in Maperes Jukebox for one dollar. I still believe that the jukebox is Namibia's own answer to music downloads. Cheap, efficient, a contributor to the GDP, employment creator and no after-sales services, no need to worry about virus and malfunctioning hard drive. You have got yourself a computer made for Africa there. Nonetheless, the curiosity bug eventually bit me and I got myself hooked on the "book". Well colleagues, let me just say that you are missing out. Face book is for networking. Meaning, we must move with the times. The only network I knew about is the one in 'kambashus' it has done me "the tried and trusted method a thousand times over". But even I must admit that it is nothing compared to the book. Networking being the term, I actually thought of some Namibian personalities who I seriously think deserve to blog on the book (I know I sound techno dude). You don't have to agree with me, but I doubt whether you will think otherwise. Nahas Angula, apart from knowing that Comrade Nahas speaks a bit faster than the average Namibian, a face book spot on Comrade Nahas will probably make him the most likeable prime minister the world over if not the only one to be on face book. Reason, he is very friendly, a comic in his own right, a fashion aficionado, he can give a tip or two on tailor-made designer jackets and hoods for all those American-dressing inclined young ones from the suburbs. Chief Kuaima Riruako, if there is one person who needs face book more then it is Omunene. This compensation thing is just not gaining momentum. I think it is time the chief thinks about going global and on the net. Maybe then the Bundestag will know the chief means business. It is true that on face book, you meet artists, musicians and people like Freddy. I have always been puzzled by what Peya Mushelenga is doing in politics. The "don't forget me Swapo" singer got a voice to die for and come next week I will put a feed on face book to promote the comrade for Pop Idols. The title will be "Peya Mushelenga for Pop Idols, assisted by Jerry Ekandjo." With the singing talents that these two have, Heinz you are no match. Another contender who needs to be on the book as well is Mr Evilastus Kaaronda. My reasons - very complicated. I can only think of one - recruitment drive. The Internet has millions of users, and if NUNW gets a spot on the book, think about the bargaining powers. More members means "NUNW united we stand, divided we fall on face book". I am told RDP has a spot already. You see Swapo, DTA, CoD, RP, UDF that is the way to go - new concept, fresh ideas. The public service, now seriously any Government building should have face book connectivity. These guys spend enough time reading the newspapers and Shoprite special flyers. Trust me, I speak from experience. Finally, nambrew should take up a spot on face book to promote Windhoek lager, it is just natural that the best brew in the world gets noticed by millions in the world as well. By the way, I am still waiting for my position comrade. For an entire year I praised Windhoek lager but not even a solidarity position guys. I was in exile too remember, Walvis Bay at least until 1994. Sorry Ngo, I have an invite on my book.
2008-04-25 00:00:00 10 years ago
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