• September 19th, 2018
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Things Should Be on Merit

Re: Need to Expose Unfair Practices at Public Service Commission Secretariat Please kindly be advised that the post of Director: General Services was advertised at Oshana Regional Council. Out of 19 candidates, four were short-listed and the successful candidate was recommended. One of the senior officials also applied but was not short-listed. It is alleged by some of her co-workers that the submission was held hostage at the Commission because she had an axe to grind because she was not short-listed and interviewed but she and 18 others had incomplete applications, such as making copies from copies for certification and not answering question 11 on the Public Service Application Form, etc, as required by Public Service Staff Rule on Recruitment. The Commission has ruled that the submission should be sent back and all candidates re-interviewed with a new reconstituted panel. This is most unfair, because the recommended candidate should have been recommended since he met the requirements. Even if the second candidate did not meet the requirements, this could not be an issue at all. The Commission is endorsing an illegal act. In similar cases in the past, the 1st candidate was recommended because he met all the requirements. There is no question that there is a hidden agenda in this case. The Commission should be taken to task in this because there is something very wrong as a preferred candidate is reserved for the post but things should be on merit and the recommended candidate should have been given the post. If the 2nd candidate was mistakenly interviewed, that is a moot point and should have been disqualified but to now demand that candidates who did not meet the requirements by providing incomplete applications should now be interviewed is nothing more than engaging in "head hunting" for their preferred candidate that should not be tolerated. Disgruntled Namibian - NB To avoid victimization, this letter is written anonymously
2008-04-25 00:00:00 10 years ago
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