• September 19th, 2018
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Gobabeb Open Day for Public

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Gobabeb Training and Research Center is again opening its doors for all Namibians to come and learn about Gobabeb and the country's fascinating desert. This year the center looks back over the last century and focuses on the next century in the Namib-Naukluft Park under the theme, "Namib-Naukluft Park: Centenary and Beyond". "If you are curious about what we do deep in the Namib Desert at Gobabeb, then come and join us for a day of information and enjoyment. In this spectacular setting you will learn about what Gobabeb does, the unique desert plants and animals of this area, as well as how all Namibians can use this information," a press statement urged. The Open Day activities on June 7 include: - Gobabeb Centre tours; - Guided and self-guided nature walks; - Talks and presentations on Gobabeb's activities; - Displays on the training and research coordinated by Gobabeb; - Topnaar Community !Nara presentation and sharing of song and dance; - Children's programmes at the swimming-pool; - Books, Gobabeb T-shirts, caps, lunch and refreshments will be on sale; and, - Screening of informative and thought-provoking videos. Permits All visitors to Gobabeb require an entry permit to the Namib Naukluft Park - obtainable free of charge on arrival at Gobabeb. It can also be sent via email (as a pdf), or faxed. A hard copy can be collected from the DRFN office in Windhoek. Day Visitors The entrance fee is N$50 per adult, children under 18 are free. Light lunches are available at N$50 each or visitors can bring along a picnic. Gobabeb draws water from the Kuiseb, however some find the taste salty, so you may want to bring some of your own. A water bottle and hat are essential. No bookings are necessary for day visitors. Overnight Visitors Bookings are essential for overnight. Fuel A limited supply of unleaded petrol and diesel is available for sale. Telephones Although there is no cellular phone coverage at Gobabeb, public telephone facilities and a small supply of phone cards are available. Children remain the responsibility of their parents. The swimming-pool will be open on Saturday and activities for small children will be arranged. For overnight visitors, baby-sitting during the evening programme can be arranged for an extra fee. Directions to Gobabeb from Windhoek: Take the Kupferberg/Gamsberg Pass road out of Windhoek to the T-junction on the C14. At the junction, turn right in the direction of Walvis Bay and once through the Kuiseb Canyon, take the third road to the left - the first two being the Kuiseb lookout and Aruvlei. It is clearly marked "Mirabeb, Homeb, Gobabeb" on a stone sign. Continue on this same road for 70 km, taking the Mirabeb/Gobabeb junction where the road splits. Directions to Gobabeb from Walvis Bay From Walvis Bay take the C14 past the Airport. Just after Vogelfederberg, about 50 km from Walvis Bay, take the road leading to the right (south), which has a stone, sign to Gobabeb/Homeb. Continue for approximately 60 km to reach the gates of Gobabeb. For any further information regarding the Gobabeb Open Day contact Lyn on Tel: 064-694199, Fax: 064-694197 or email gobabeb@gobabeb.org.
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