• September 21st, 2018
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Rank Unsafe for Commuters

By Charles Tjatindi SWAKOPMUND Minibus commuters using the Mondesa Taxi Rank in Swakopmund are dissatisfied with the current state of facilities at the rank. In separate interviews with New Era commuters, many of whom travel frequently between Swakopmund and Windhoek, expressed concern over the absence of adequate facilities at the multi-million-dollar terminal. Top on their list is insufficient lighting. The terminal is virtually plunged into darkness when the sun sets. This situation, they say, impacts heavily on their safety as they simply get dropped there at night and have to find their own means to get home. "Minibus drivers are often rude and always say the taxi rank is the only place they are instructed to off-load people. It does not make sense as this taxi rank is currently as good as another dark street corner. It is just unsafe," said 35-year-old Katrina Swartbooi. Swartbooi noted that local taxis are often difficult to get at night, as they would have retired. In most cases, she said, commuters are obliged to walk home in complete darkness. Silas Kamati, another commuter who also frequently uses the terminus is of the opinion that proper planning was not done before opening the facility for business. "I think they were not prepared. I think they just rushed the whole thing. How can you call this place a quality investment in its current state? Someone, somewhere let us, the commuters, down," he noted. The 10??????'??
2008-04-28 00:00:00 10 years ago
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