• September 21st, 2018
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Siboli Dismisses Fraud Allegations

By Chrispin Inambao WINDHOEK Former Dukwe exile Christopher Siboli recently came out strongly against allegations made against him that he masqueraded as a Lands and Resettlement official who solicited and received money from some business people. Showing documents to New Era signed by senior indunas from the Mafwe Traditional Authority, he said the traditional authority granted him permission to develop a piece of land ideal for tourism as this would bring development and create much-needed jobs. He ardently denied accusations that he has received payment from land-hungry business people that he in turn promised to allocate portions of land saying, "it is not true". "What I know is there is a group of whites who approached me saying they wanted to become my partners. They wanted to join me in a business venture," he said. He in turn warned his accuser James Sankwasa not to get involved in his (Siboli's) ongoing wrangle with Katima Mulilo businessman Felix Mukupi, following what Siboli claims was a botched mission to secretly tape-record other councillors. Siboli said he got cold feet after he was paid N$300 to secretly tape-record the former governor Bernard Sibalatani because he did not want to cause "friction". Mukupi in turn has threatened to take legal action against Siboli and he has also dismissed these allegations as "pure lies" merely fabricated by the ex-Dukwe exile. The said tape-recording, according to Siboli, who has opened a case with the police at Katima Mulilo, was to take place during a heated campaign for the region's governorship. He said after he fell out with Mukupi the latter said he was going to use his influence and tell the Mafwe Traditional Authority not to "assist" him in whichever endeavour. Sankwasa should stick to affairs at his village at Sikanjabuka and he should not meddle in his concerns at Libula. He also in turn threatened to "deal" with his opponents irrespective of their social standing and their birthplace. He added that though some of his tribesmen among the Mafwe accuse him of being a "spy" for the Masubia, "I cannot turn against my tribe - there is no truth in such accusations - there is no way I could betray my own people." On the other allegations that he carried a two-way radio and that he threatened to arrest the people he owed money, he did not say anything.
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