• September 19th, 2018
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Partnership to Benefit Farm Workers

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK Bank Windhoek in collaboration with Agra has announced the formation of a partnership to benefit farm workers as well as emerging and commercial farmers. The new scheme that entails training introduces all livestock owners to Agra/Bank Windhoek's Veterinary First Aid Kit that is equipped with essential information and animal care items. "Animal health forms an important part of managing a farm sustainably and profitably, and as an extension of our current community training initiatives, Agra has developed a typical veterinary first aid kit for livestock farmers," said Dr Rainer Hassel, Agra's animal scientist. The price of good health can be very high, often resulting in improper care of animals. Agra has, therefore, developed veterinary first aid kits to assist livestock owners in caring for their animals. Bank Windhoek agreed to subsidise 100 of these veterinary first aid kits with a value of N$ 50 000, thereby making animal health care more affordable to those who need it the most. The veterinary first aid kit was compiled byAgra to provide the farmer with a ready-to- use set of instruments, equipment, remedies and drugs to enable him/her to examine an animal to apply first aid and treat certain conditions and diseases on the farm in the absence of veterinary professional help or until such time that help can be rendered by a veterinarian. The kit also enables the farmer to collect certain minimum data like body temperatures or basic samples like blood smears, which are important for the consulting veterinarian to make a diagnosis and give advice. Through the generous contribution of Bank Windhoek the subsidized kits are available at N$2 100 excluding VAT to emerging farmers attending the Agra public lectures, Agra/CCF farm workers' courses and the CCF large stock management courses supported by Agra. Agra's Chief Executive Officer, Peter Kazmaier, said "like any other industry, farming methods and best practices change continuously. What was applicable today might no longer be appropriate tomorrow." Introducing the Veterinary First Aid Kit to farmers will assist them to improve the application of farming resources. "Over the past 25 years, Agra has truly positioned itself as a Namibian business committed to making a real contribution towards the development of Namibia by developing a steady reputation of being the centre of a network of farmers and a source of knowledge for the agricultural sector in Namibia," said Kazmaier. Similarly, over the past 25 years, Bank Windhoek has grown into a leader in the Namibian financial services industry and is a significant role-player in the socio- and economic growth of our country," said James Hill, Managing Director of Bank Windhoek.
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