• September 23rd, 2018
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Foundation Funds Revision Workshop

By Anna Ingwafa Ruacana The Lazarus Shinyemba Ipangwelwa (LSI Foundation) made a milestone contribution when it funded a Grade 12 revision workshop aimed at improving learners' results, on Friday at Ruacana Vocational Secondary School. The foundation selected learners from Negumbo and Etalaleko Senior Secondary School and Ruacana Vocational Secondary School. The total number of learners was 32. Regional councillor of Ruacana constituency Lazarus Cornelius at the opening expressed appreciation to the LSI foundation for their generous funding. Cornelius said that the contribution is an exemplary concrete effort towards the realization of Vision 2030 objectives. "The regional council prides itself to be associated with this noble effort and be assured that the council will always avail itself to make its modest contribution to endeavours of this nature, now and in the future. Our position is that this input from the LSI foundation is a classic joint venture that the Omusati directorate of education and the regional council embrace enthusiastically, and with it to continue and last into the foreseeable future," said Cornelius. He noted that Omusati region has always been one of the bottom performers on the national rankings, hence they are welcoming any effort from all sectors in order to reverse the trend. Cornelius encouraged the participants to seize and capitalize on the opportunity they were granted. He emphasised that they should consider themselves lucky, as they were selected to participate in the workshop and apply the skills and knowledge they would acquire to boost their performance at the end of the year examinations and beyond. He thanked the tutors and other stakeholders who sacrificed their holidays to contribute to the success of the workshop and called on all schools to properly guide all learners in their career goals and bursary opportunities. On the bursary note, the regional councillor announced that the Omusati Education and Training Trust offers bursaries to learners who excel in their examinations and are interested in pursuing studies in specified areas. Some of the participants shared their views with New Era: "Tutors were excellent; I learnt 80% of what I did not know especially in physical science and English. I gained knowledge on how to prepare for exams. I urge the LSI foundation to organize the same workshop for teachers, also for them to gain the necessary teaching methods," said Amakali Samuel (17) a grade 12 learner from Negumbo Senior Secondary School. "I am going to share what I learnt with my fellows who were not a part of this workshop. From now, I will pull up my socks and emulate the example of the late Lazarus Shinyemba Ipangwelwa and make sure that the dream he had for us will become a reality. I will work hard, and though our school does not offer High level, I won't disappoint those who are in charge of the foundation," said Almadu Gablier (18) from Etalaleko Senior Secondary School. Netty Manyame was a tutor responsible for Mathematics and English. She said that the workshop was worthwhile and the learners' response was amazing. "We got all the necessary assistance that we needed from the foundation itself, Councillor Lazarus Cornelius, senior education officer in Omusati region Veiyo Nangombe and Ruacana Vocational School principal Likius Valombola," she said. LSI foundation is a non-profitable, charitable organisation that recognizes and encourages business excellence in leadership. It assists and supports grade 12 learners to attain the maximum required points in High level in English, mathematics, science, business and finance for them to gain university entry. The foundation further provides a training and mentoring programme to graduates in the field of business, banking and finance as well as emerging entrepreneurs and farmers.
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