• September 21st, 2018
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Local Writer Achieves Online Success

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK A self-published Namibian writer is quietly making online-inroads into the international literature scene with this first novel, The Art of Stealing. Set Amadhila (43), who hails from Etunda village in the Omusati region, completed his first English novel in October last year and is busy finishing his second one titled, Blame the Deceased, not Me. "I checked and scanned many websites on the Internet for a possible publisher before deciding on a specific one, who charged me US$500. Since my book appeared online the novel has been selling like hot cakes," the self-taught author living in Katutura said excitedly. His first novel with an international story line is a combination of personal experiences and fiction, taking the reader basically around the world. "In fact, I have only been to Germany for three months, never anywhere else and I penned down my experiences, which form part of the first novel. I find writing a very easy creative process because I have many ideas about novel writing. Once I have put in line what I want to write the ideas start flowing freely," the less than humble author said. Amadhila presently sells The Art of Stealing to friends and relatives in Namibia and the SADC region at N$160 per copy. "In fact, I was writing my first novel for the international market and it is now paying off according to online sales and royalty payments I have received since October last year. Unfortunately, there doesn't exist a proper reading culture in Namibia, hence the fact that I targeted the international scene with this story," he said challengingly. Amadhila encouraged local writers to broaden their vision and write stories for universal appeal like he did. "You know most Namibians only buy books when they study and/or for research purposes. After completing their studies Namibians never ever buy books again. That is the sad reality of our situation. However, I am hopeful that the situation will eventually improve for the sake of national literature," he said. He further said that the country has many interesting indigenous language published stories that are inaccessible to the global community. "A concerted effort should be launched to have these works translated into English for greater access by the outside world. The best way to go about promoting and marketing Namibian stories is undoubtedly the Internet and international book fairs," the author, who sees himself as a global citizen, asserted. The Art of Stealing can be bought by logging in on: www.raiderbookshop, amazon.com or google.
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