• September 23rd, 2018
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Stolen Goods, Firearms Recovered in Blitz

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK The police on Monday recovered a variety of stolen items during an operation. The bust follows recent arrests by the Namibian Police of public officials who abuse state resources, during Operation Spider Web and was part of the same operation. During the latest operation, a number of electronic equipment, cell-phones and weapons were seized. Among the recovered goods were seven G3 assault rifles, and three pistols that were stolen a fortnight ago from a safe keeping facility belonging to the Prisons Services in Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Street. According to Deputy Commissioner of the Namibian police Andries Van Der Byl, the weapons were found dumped in an open veldt in the Goreangab Settlement area, northeast of Windhoek, by a member of the public. Five suspects were arrested in connection with the crime. The operation focused on two parts, namely Crime Prevention Operation and Traffic operation. During the traffic operation, a number of offences were recorded, the highest number recorded being of unlicensed drivers who numbered 40, whilst 19 people were nabbed for driving without wearing seat belts, and 17 for driving unlicensed motor vehicles. Ten vehicles were unroadworthy. The crime prevention operation saw 19 people reprimanded for public drinking, whilst a further 19 shebeens were closed for operating without a license. Three people were also brought to book for discharging of firearms illegally. The most notable statistic was that of 116 weapons seized, 20 firearms were seized from owners who were drunk. The firearms were all licensed. Operation Spider web started on April 20 and is ongoing countrywide. In another incident the Police, reacting to a tip-off pounced on a house in Freedom land area of Okuryangava. New Era accompanied the Police to the scene to discover hordes of goods believed to have been stolen from a large Windhoek retailer. The goods include large varieties of pasta, baking flour, rice, baking yeast and various edible products. Also recovered were four computers, bar-coded with University of Namibia stickers. An unused motor vehicle windshield was also found at the scene.
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