• September 26th, 2018
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N$500 000 Donation to Upgrade Police Work

By Catherine Sasman WINDHOEK Standard Bank and six private companies handed over 20 computers and related equipment to the value of N$500 000 to the Namibian Police in support of the force's fight against increased violent crimes. "After the spate of robberies at Standard Bank branches last year, the bank pledged their support to the police," said Jaco Burger, Standard Bank head of Corporate Banking. There were four armed robberies over a period of three months at various branches, perpetrated by Zimbabwean men. Police Inspector General Sabastian Ndeitunga also reported ATMs being blown open in Katima Mulilo in cross-border crimes. "As we experienced the hard work of the police first hand and were witness to the - more than often - extreme circumstances that they had to operate under, we decided not only to thank them in words, but with actual deeds," said Burger. "We have seen how Namibians pull together to assist their fellow Namibians in the floods of Mariental and the recent floods of the north. We can see that corporate companies have pulled together to assist our police in making their life a bit easier," said Burger. Standard Bank gave N$231 000, with other companies - Unique Technology Services, GijimaAST, Microsoft and Business Connexions - sponsoring the rest. Receiving the sponsorship, Inspector Ndeitunga said that although the police had achieved many successes in prevention of crimes and apprehending perpetrators, these do not impact on the negative public perception of the police. He said the work of the police cannot be done in isolation, but needs the assistance of all other stakeholders. "We have to hold hands to form a formidable front against crime," Ndeitunga stressed. The donation will be used to set up an information system at police stations where a lot of the work is being done manually and in hard copy.
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