• September 20th, 2018
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Namibians Go for Fruit, Vegetables

By Wezi Tjaronda WINDHOEK Namibians are consuming more fruit and vegetables than before. The increase in consumption is partly responsible for the 30 percent growth in the horticultural industry as a whole. From as little as 86 g per day, Namibians now consume around 146 g of fruit and vegetables per day. Although this figure falls short of the World Health Organisation requirement of 450 g per day, there has been an improvement, according to Horticulture Officer at the Namibia Agronomic Board, Namene Kalili. The most preferred types of horticultural products among Namibians in order of preference are potatoes, onions and apples. The increase in consumption has been one of the drivers of growth in the industry for the past three years. Kalili said the trend the world over is that as people become more conscious of their health, they turn to eating more fruit and vegetables. He also said most people's incomes are increasing, giving them more disposable income to buy horticultural products, which most find expensive. Namibia produces 50 to 60 different horticultural products including exotic ones such as asparagus, baby pumpkin, different herbs and other organic products, which Kalii said people buy without knowing they are produced here. The country now has found new markets for 17 of its products, which include mangoes, pawpaw, sweet melon, oranges, gem squash, watermelon and butternut. Last year, the country exported 46??????'??
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