• September 21st, 2018
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Govt Shackled by Lack of Vision - Hamutenya

By Anna Ingwafa ONGWEDIVA The Government is not capable of implementing the Green Scheme, Kudu Gas and the Kunene Hydro-Power projects, due to its lack of vision, claimed the opposition Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) leader Hidipo Hamutenya. Equally lacking is leadership in putting these ideas into action, the RDP's interim president told supporters at Ongwediva on Saturday. Hamutenya said there is intelligence in the Swapo Government but the drive and capacity to impose the decisions are not there. The former Cabinet minister claimed last year's drought, recent floods and the severe power crisis currently facing the country were not supposed to be that severe - only if the implementation of the said projects had been executed. Hamutenya said Helmut Angula, then minister of agriculture, proposed a Green Scheme to Cabinet to put up irrigation along the Kavango, Orange and Kunene rivers and to stop the importation of food from other African countries. But due to lack of implementation, there is nothing happening to date, according to Hamutenya. "Last year, there was drought, this year floods. We had neither more food nor the quarter of what we needed. There is plenty of land along these rivers to be used but because the Government has lost its vision and does not care for its people, the country is in dire need of food," Hamutenya claimed. Hamutenya said those entrusted with education are pushing and pulling each other and thus, for the past 18 years the education system has not improved despite 23 percent of the national budget being allocated to this sector. Moreover, he blamed the Government for the plight of Oshiwambo farmers who were evicted as per court order from the Kavango Region, saying it is because of the different ideas in the Government that the farmers were evicted. RDP secretary for mobilization and orientation Kandy Nehova alleged that Ongwediva mayor Erastus Uutoni was not elected democratically. The former National Council chairman claimed Uutoni was just forced into the position by the Founding Father of the Nation Dr Sam Nujoma. Speaking at the same rally was the RDP interim secretary general Jesaya Nyamu, who had to be corrected several times for shouting "viva Swapo". He called on the youth to bring the elders along when they come to RDP meetings. He accused Swapo of using Hero's Acre to entice people to come to the party in return for them to be buried there. Nyamu questioned why the late Putuse Appolus and Peter Nanyemba were not buried at Heroes' Acre, adding that he will never ever rejoin the ruling Swapo Party. Among the RDP leaders who attended the rally were Martin Heita, Ambassador Shapua Kaukungwa, Ellen Musialela and Agnes Limbo.
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