• September 22nd, 2018
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Choral Music Lessons in Katutura

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK An experienced ethnomusicologist is inviting the Namibian youth to join her for formal choral lessons at the Katutura Community Arts Centre. Sophia Kaereho, who successfully completed a two-year course at the College of Music in Harare, Zimbabwe, has been appointed on a four-month contract by the National Arts Extension Programme of the College of the Arts. "Prior to my appointment on March 28 this year I have been working as a volunteer at the Bethold Himumuine Primary School for a year due to the fact that I could not secure proper employment in my field of tutoring," a very relieved Kaereho said. A number of Namibian artists, who have studied in Zimbabwe and other countries, have been struggling for ages to get proper employment on their return - such as Andreas Biwa and Dominic Lenenge. The Oruuano Artists Union member is requesting and encouraging Namibian youth interested in choral singing to join her classes from Monday to Friday at the KCAC. Actors and theatre activists, Norman Job and Anna Louw have also earlier been appointed as drama tutors in the National Arts Extension programme. "My studies included vocal choral singing, flute, choreography and dancing, something I wish to share with the Namibian youth in my new post in the National Arts Extension Program, even if it is only for four months," she said. It is general knowledge that the National Extension Programme is to shut down on October 18 and leave more than 70 part time tutors unemployed unless a negotiation with the Office of Prime Minister Nahas Angula to have it prolonged for another five years becomes a reality. Youth interested to enroll for the choral singing lessons can contact Sophia on: 0813234306 to register.
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