• September 19th, 2018
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Human Activities Disturb Coastal Habitats

Although Namibia has one of the most unique coastal ecosystems on the planet, most of these fragile areas are under constant threat from human activities. Besides mining and other economic activities, most visible damage to this fragile environment is regrettably caused by preventable human activities. In this special focus, CHARLES TJATINDI investigates what makes the Namibian coast special. WALVIS BAY Stretching from the mouth of the Kunene River on the northern border to the Orange River mouth on the southern border, the Namibian coast is endowed with rich biodiversity and has many plants and animals species that do not occur anywhere else. It is home to a unique range of biological and ecological diversity, including the uniquely adapted plants and animals. This is because of the unusual climate and the many different habitats. The Namibian coast is rich in biological diversity, has a variety of features and many fragile areas requiring protection. The waters of the Namibian coast support some of the greatest concentrations of marine life found anywhere in the world.??????'??
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