• September 21st, 2018
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School Runs Out of Water

Kuvee Kangueehi Windhoek Pupils from the Motsumi Primary School at Corridor 13 in the Omaheke Region will return to classes today after missing classes for a week due to a water crisis at the school. The 470 pupils missed classes because the underground water levels of the borehole at the school had dropped and thus the boarding school had no running water. The water disruption affected the school kitchen and sewage system and thus brought a halt to the classes. Following a meeting on last week Wednesday that was called by the Aminuis Constituency Regional Councilor Erwin Uanguta and attended by the parents, school board, traditional leaders and officials from the different ministries, a temporary solution was found to the water crisis. Koos Kauta, an official in the Aminuis constituency, said the meeting resolved to subcontract a contractor to put up a pipe that will supply water from the borehole at the settlement straight to the school. The pipe will also provide water to a nearby clinic, which has been operating for the last two weeks without water. Kauta said the meeting also resolved that the works ministry would supply diesel to the settlement so that it can provide water to the school and the clinic. The water problem at Corridor 13 has been reoccurring over the past 10 years. Kauta said they have requested the ministry to look for a permanent solution to the issue. He noted that there is a need to drill another borehole at the school. The ministry of works indicated earlier that it would consider the option of a second borehole.
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