• September 19th, 2018
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Calling All Professional Youth

Esteemed Editor Re: A Call to Action As the daunting challenges of unemployment and poverty continue to determine and undermine the standard of living of Namibians and Africans in general, the new challenges of the 21st century pose serious and important challenges to us all. These 21st century challenges include, amongst others, the consolidation of our democracy, the enhancement of freedoms and rights, the realization of economic transformation, the strengthening of family life, the protection of the environment, culture and the need for greater global interconnectedness. Above these all stands the challenge of providing strong, results-based and socially liberating education, that secures a better future for generations to come. Whereas the Swapo Party Government has invested significant resources to meet these various challenges, more work needs to be done. The efforts of the Swapo Party Government have resulted in previously unimagined economic and social successes being recorded. Our government is indeed a responsive government. We must support, supplement and energize these efforts. In this regard, we at the Swapo Party Youth League are hard at work to provide the kind of essential transformational leadership, which is focused on key socio-economic development areas in order to unleash our total national capacity to achieve a better life for all. This is no easy task. For instance, just last weekend, SPYL (Swapo Party Youth League) convened an important trailblazing Economic Transformation Convention, under the theme: "Accelerated Job Creation, Youth Empowerment and Economic Development." The focus was on establishing, from a youth perspective, those essential elements that would produce a fairer, just and broadly equitable society. The Convention addressed the matter of financial grants to youth enterprises, through inter alia, a Youth Enterprise Development and Innovation Fund (YEDIF). It declared the fundamental importance for Namibia to promote a dynamic and forward-looking enterprising class, which we lack, as yet. And the Convention further hereunto, critically un-teased the quest for economic emancipation, locating the economic struggle directly within the spectrum of the current youthful population of this country. The road is clear, and the possibilities are immense. The task is daunting, but surmountable. In order to achieve genuine economic transformation, as stated above, the actual physical, patriotic and insightful participation of the professional youth is a sine qua non. The economist, the lawyer, the teacher, the engineer, and all other professionals are needed to engage the full spectrum of socio-economic transformation and progress, in a deliberate and phlegmatic fashion. The involvement we refer to does not mean that the professional person must be in an elective structure or position. No. To advance and impact change, and the pace of change, be within reach, be around, bring about innovative ideas and content. It means that this professional youth must be ready and willing to bring forth his/her ideas, opinions and experiences, to the table of ideas, where we as youth can frame the present and future. It requires this professional to attend, participate in and guide platforms dedicated to influence change. It means that this professional youth must declare willingness to the national developmental cause, and not only be focused on the exclusive "office career." His/her time should be juxtaposed to progressive and forward-looking socio-economic debates and actions. Presently, we have assembled a group of eighteen professional youth cadres, to work with the SPYL, and this exercise is bearing fruits. The SPYL is thus the leading platform, undoubtedly, where the professional youth must invest his/her time and energy and expertise. SPYL is home to such a cadre and is welcoming all others with great ideas for our nation, to engage in dialogue with us. We are open to great ideas. Our dedicated call to professional youth does not exclude all other youth from making their much needed contribution. All of us are indispensable to nation building. Let us do all we can, everywhere, to build a stronger, prosperous and exemplary nation. We owe it to our elders, our children, and more so, to ourselves! Let the work begin! Bernadus Clinton Swartbooi Acting Secretary for Information and Mobilization Department of Information and Mobilization Swapo Party Youth League
2008-05-30 00:00:00 10 years ago
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