• September 19th, 2018
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Car Prices Tumble at Expo

By Irene !Hoaes WINDHOEK During current hard economic times, customers have at least one more chance during the next two days to buy a car at a cheaper rate. Car dealers are fiercely competing to beat each other at selling their cars at the Namibia Tourism Expo, which started on Wednesday. Some dealers have gone to the extent of subsidizing two percent extra on the prime less three percent that Bank Windhoek is offering at the Motor Show. This, however, only applies to certain brands and not all vehicles. Bank Windhoek's Divisional Executive: Specialist Finance, Chris Matthee, during the launch of the Motor Show said, "Our Motor Show sponsorship is a sign of our continued commitment towards the building and strengthening of relationships with every stakeholder in the motor vehicle industry." Matthee said the special offer enables the bank to provide an opportunity for vehicle sales that are beneficial to both the retailers and the public. Bank Windhoek's Manager for Vehicles and Asset Finance, Sandra Blaauw, said they have received about 50 to 60 applications for motor vehicle financing since the gates opened for the public yesterday afternoon. "We have already signed 20 contracts so far," an excited Blaauw said. During the first Motor Show held last year, the bank sold vehicles worth close to N$20 million. Some dealers went to the extent of offering fuel cards worth N$20?
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