• September 22nd, 2018
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'Spider Web' Records More Success

By John Ekongo WINDHOEK The nationwide police dragnet aptly codenamed Spider Web recorded yet another significant success in the Omaheke Region over the past four weeks. From 16 to 23 May, the police at Omaheke conducted patrols and crime prevention activities in the Eiseb Block in Gobabis and seized stolen goods. During the operation, 39 suspected stolen cattle were impounded and four suspects arrested. The righfull owners, according to the regional commander of the Omaheke Police Deputy Commissioner Ananias Muzile, have already identified some of the cattle. Omaheke Region is also notoriously famed for stolen vehicles especially pick-up trucks. In this regard, the police managed to recover various stolen vehicles and accessories. According to the commissioner, during a previous operation in the Eseib Block settlement area six stolen vehicles, five motor vehicles engines, two engine blocks, four chassis, four solar panels and three small boxes containing letters and a numbering punch set was recovered. The set is used to punch fake letters and numbers on engine and chassis of stolen motor vehicles. In addition, the police also confiscated two grinders and a petrol-welding machine. According to the deputy commissioner, these items are believed to have been used by what appears to be a motoring thief syndicate in the region to fix fake numbers on engines and chassis of stolen vehicles. Eight suspects were arrested in this regard and have been charged by the Gobabis Police. Commissioner Muzile gave credit to the public for rendering assistance to the police in rooting out crime. "I want to assure the public that with the same level of cooperation they have rendered to me since I took office, we will continue to work with the public to root out criminals in Omaheke," said the commissioner. He issued a stern warning to would-be criminals, saying that they must be warned that crime does not pay and that his force has declared war against criminals. "They must reform their minds so that they become law-abiding citizens before it is too late - otherwise they will find themselves rotting in prison cells for the rest of their lives," cautioned Muzile.
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