• September 26th, 2018
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School Initiates Witch-hunt

By Chrispin Inambao RUNDU THE principal of Divundu Combined School has launched investigations into who leaked information about the recent alleged theft of a load of 10 mattresses meant for boarders. Sources at the school said the principal Ben Mukendo instead of addressing the issue of the theft of the mattresses has been doing rounds to try and identify the source of the story. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education's public relations officer Toivo T. Mvula stated he has followed up the issue. He was informed 'there are no mattresses missing at the school,' but sources say there is a cover-up and a hostel employee is being protected. They said the mattresses, that have since been found, were initially reported as missing by the hostel superintendent who even raised the issue with LRC members. Sources insist the mattresses would have vanished had the issue not been reported on. On the DVD home theatre allegedly stolen by a senior hostel employee who seems to enjoy protection, Mvula stated the home theatre system 'is also not missing' contradicting information from sources who are adamant it was missing for three days. They challenged the education public relations officer to personally travel to the school or to send an impartial investigator to confirm the alleged theft of the home theatre that was only recovered after one teacher urged the school to enlist a witch-finder. After three days, the suspect was rattled by suggestions the school would hire a witch-finder who could apparently use his powers to make the suspect roam the streets naked, and was seen at night carrying the system back to the dining hall (DH). On the allegation chickens and rice meant for boarders are being stolen by hostel staff who are usually spotted carrying bags full of all sorts of foodstuffs, he said the allegations had "not been proven" though sources contend this is in fact the case. He chose to remain silent on the issue of N$20 paid by each of the 464 learners presumably to erect a brick wall around the school. The principal had earlier said he had nothing to do with the wall scheme as the hostel superintendent initiated it. Though students paid almost N$10 000, nothing has become of this initiative apart from a stack of 60 sub-standard and crumbling bricks delivered to this rural school.
2008-06-03 00:00:00 10 years ago
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