• September 24th, 2018
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Radio, TV Talk Shows Being Abused

Editor As A peace loving Namibian, I have been asking myself whether it is worth having talk show programmes in Namibia at this point in time or whether it is necessary to have strict regulations or whether it is best to have the shows totally done away with? These shows at the beginning were quite interesting, educative and informative before they were degraded to the lowest level they have descended to today. Once exciting, these shows have been turned into campaigning platforms by a certain group of people whose doomed intention is to apparently bring down certain tested people. I have observed that these shows have become platforms for fuelling tension amongst the peace loving people in this country by a certain group of people who have vowed never to rest until they have achieved their evil scheme. The current tense situation is testimony to this. In fact the act of provocation has been a long term one looking at the time it has been going on. Then came the temporary closure of these shows which was reactivated after an outcry by a group of the talk show loving people. But it has proven that there were no improvements, instead it has gone worse and some contributors have disappeared or decided to keep away due to the prevailing atmosphere in the shows. The results were then the loss of their meaningful shares with the rest. It is regrettable to see the show facilitators trying helplessly to control some of these elements. It is more regrettable to see how those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of running and controlling the radio/TV sitting and watching how these services are being used to sow the seeds of hatred and mistrust. I always thought that it was the responsibility of those at the helm of the Radio/TV company to come in and take appropriate measures in the defence of our peace. Sparks are being released and it is just a question of time before the ignition of fire explodes. And if ever the worse happens, it will be regrettable for it will be difficult to escape the wrath of the explosion, peace shall escape through the window and in addition the status of the country shall have gone to the dogs. Things starts small but can cause unimaginable damage. Why should we allow the situation to go to this extent while we have the means and the ways to control it/ Why should we allow these naked provocations in the name of freedom of speeches? And if these elements especially from the societies for the defence of the rights of all are experts in political matters, political activities, knowledgeable in the interpretation of laws, treaties, military matters, immigration matters (since they gone to the extent of knowing who was born where? And other things, why are they not invited to the Radios or Tv shows for debates? I have observed that the talk show programmes have been reduced and diverted to battlefields of words. Important issues are no longer discussed. I am sure, this is one of the tactics of the controllers of these people to divert our attention from very important issues and this situation must be rectified as soon as possible. I have also observed that misinformation and unsubstantiated allegations many of which have been refuted to the shock of many of the admirers of the misinforming elements have become the daily business of a group of these people who are being used by others. I feel that it is better to abolish these shows and have peace instead of the other way around. Alternatively, topics of interest should be invited and be properly controlled. Why should we be fooled by counter arguments that controlling the shows to avoid tension is an interference with the fundamental rights of the people who want to "express" their views? This is not true. We have for example a parliamentary language, the way you should address e.g. the head of state or the head of the church, the king, the kind of language you should use at certain occasions or to people of certain categories etc. Why not in a radio? The usage of a certain language not appropriate to a certain person in many cultures especially in the African culture is an insult. So, the counter argument that, prove of insult must be given is therefore irrelevant. Even in the so-called old democracies, the so-called freedom of expression has its limits. Somebody must do something to defuse the loaded situation we are in today before the worse happens. Let us not allow unscrupulous elements who have been unleashed in our midst to destroy our peace. Let us deny their controllers the opportunity to smile all the way to their nests, rejoicing for the mission of the destruction of our peace having been accomplished. The talk shows in their current forms must e reviewed for the sake of peace in our country. Easy B. YaW
2008-06-06 00:00:00 10 years ago
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