• September 24th, 2018
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Shooting from the Hip - NRU, MTC Spat Deplorable

Carlos Kambaekwa The recent wrangles between the National Rugby Union (NRU) and its financial backers MTC was uncalled for and must be condemned in the strongest terms. There is an old adage that you don't bite the hand that feeds you and the sooner sports administrators learned that the better because it's lost cause trying to apportion blame when it's crystal clear that you have saddled the wrong horse. Contracts are binding documents and must be respected at all times and though the NRU had no intention to discredit their paymasters when they engaged FNB to come on board they should have thought about the consequences of their action, but to say the funding from MTC was not enough is a bit far-fetched to say the least. Let me be well consumed: I'm not saying the annual grant of N$2-million from MTC is sufficient but alas, you just don't lay your palms on that kind of money easily in modern times. For the NRU to publicly state that the annual sponsorship is not enough was a slap in the face of their sponsors who have always come to the Union's rescue in times of need. Who would ever forget that day when dozens of Boerewors and Klipdrift bellied dudes circled like vultures over the Hage Geingob Stadium, when rugby's prized asset was to be auctioned for a small amount of just over one hundred Dollars? It was the very same MTC that stepped in to keep the vultures at bay and when the National Rugby Fifteen's participation in the last World Cup finals in France was in jeopardy because of financial constraints - it was once again MTC who came to their rescue. Nevertheless, I would like to applaud the NRU Executive for being bold enough to acknowledge their error in judgment that eventually led to the two parties smoking the peace pipe. Ode to Schans and His Young Brigade So, the Brave Warriors finally returned to winning ways with their hard fought victory over Kenya's "Harambee Stars" in their opening 2010 World Cup and African Nations Cup twin Qualifiers, last weekend. What really caught the eye was the determination of the players despite playing some ugly football for the better part of the match, but alas who gives a damn! It's better to play ugly and win rather than dishing out carpet football and end on the losing side because statistics will always refer to results, certainly not the team that played good football on the day. Wilko Risser brought something that was missing in our team since the departure of fast galloping winger Eliphas "Safile" Shivute. Modern football needs ruthless strikers who are capable of keeping the opposing defenders on their toes for 90-minutes and Wilko fits the bill perfectly. The beanpole striker might lack skill but the boy has a brilliant first touch for a laanie - look at the way he controlled Congo Ngatjizeko's delivery before he unleashed an inch perfect shot for the first goal - that was pure magic and just the right platform to win over the hard to please Brave Warriors fans. Let's hope rainy days are here again and wish the Warriors all the best of luck when they play Zimbabwe in Harare this Sunday. On another positive note, give credit to where its due and yours truly would dearly like to congratulate the NFA for reaching another milestone after the Association was chosen amongst 16 beneficiaries from the African continent for the new FIFA Initiative. FIFA has always lived up to its promises and for Namibia to be chosen amongst the beneficiaries for the construction of one of the 20 Sports Centers to be built before the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa, is no mean feat. Bravo to Bra J and his outies. South Africa as host nation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals are Chief beneficiary with 5 of the 20 Centers to be built in selected cities in that country.
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