• September 22nd, 2018
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Kilus for Mbanderu Crown

EZORONGONDO Fisheries and Marine Resources Deputy Minister, Kilus Nguvauva, was on Saturday nominated to succeed his late father Munjuku Nguvauva II as Paramount Chief of the Mbanderu people. Kilus declined to comment on the nomination when contacted by New Era yesterday. "I am sorry that for the time being, no comment," he said. Acting Chief Peter Nguvauva announced Kilus' nomination to the throne at the weekend to an estimated 600 people gathered at Ezorongondo Village in the Epukiro Constituency of the Omaheke region. The acting chief told the gathering that the Nguvauva clan held a special meeting early on Saturday to nominate the son who would succeed late Mbanderu Chief Munjuku Nguvauva II, who died at the beginning of this year. The choice for successor was, all along, between the late chief's two sons - Kilus and Keharanjo. But Kilus was born out of wedlock and his candidacy was strongly opposed by many who argued that custom forbids that preference be given to a child born out of wedlock. Peter, who has been acting chief since the Mbanderu leader's death, announced that the nomination was guided by a last will and testament of the late Chief Munjuku Nguvauva II, written on September 9, 2001 at around 14h23. It is in this will, Peter said, that the late Nguvauva II nominated his son - Kilus - as successor. Peter, an uncle to the late Nguvauva II, stressed that the late chief himself signed the will in which he nominated Kilus as successor to his throne. He said the Nguvauva clan hopes that the late chief's will and testament would now quell the tension that has been building up among the Mbanderu people, specifically over the chieftaincy. "I hope that my presenting this will to you today would resolve this problem. Nguvauva II wrote in his will that Kilus should take over his seat," he stressed. The late Nguvauva II also wrote in his will that the holy fire [held by the head of a clan] should remain in his homestead at Ezorongondo and that his other sons, Manuel Nguvauva and Keharanjo, should inherit all his properties in Botswana. The gathering at Ezorongondo was not attended by the other Ovambanderu faction, which is headed by Senior Chief Erastus Tjiundikua Kahuure. This faction has reportedly been opposed to some clauses in the Mbanderu constitution, which were allegedly inserted to limit the powers of other traditional leaders within the Mbanderu circle. Of late, this faction is also said to have shown preference for Keharanjo as successor to the throne. Keharanjo, himself, on Saturday, endorsed Kilus' nomination and distanced himself from taking part in any further contest for that position. He told the very same gathering at Ezorongondo that he is not opposing the appointment of Kilus as successor to his father because he had known of the will and his father's wish for Kilus to inherit his seat . Keharanjo urged all the Mbanderu people to now unite behind Kilus as the nominated leader. He also called on the Mbanderu Supreme Council to travel to Gobabis to brief Senior Councillor Kahuure about his decision to acknowledge Kilus as the nominated chief, and state that he (Keharanjo) was no longer interested in succeeding his father as Paramount Chief of the Mbanderu people. Nampa could not reach Kahuure for immediate comment. It was announced Saturday that Keharanjo's mother Arleta Nguvauva was unhappy about Kilus' appointment, although she told the Nguvauva clan that she knows of the will. - Nampa
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