• September 26th, 2018
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Kavango Farmers to Host Mini Show

By Staff Reporter WINDHOEK The Mukwe Farmers' Association (KMA) in the Kavango Region is to host its fourth Agricultural Mini Show, starting from June 11-12. The Association was formed in 2004 with the main function to unite local communal farmers in the Mukwe constituency by striving to promote and motivate farmers in undertaking all agricultural activities. These include crops and animal husbandry for the purpose of assisting the Government in poverty alleviation and unemployment. Various stakeholders and farmers are invited to come and display their products, ranging from agricultural information, cereal crops, vegetables, farming implements and all types of livestock. Prizes will also be won in various cate-gories. The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa, will be the main speaker at the event, on various aspect of agriculture including the subsidy schemes. Other stakeholders such as banks, line ministries and other farmers' unions in the country will be present to provide information to farmers during the three-day event. The Mukwe farmers Association, an affiliate to the Kavango Regional Farmers Union (KRFU) has about 70 registered members, who benefit from the association in various aspects of agriculture, such as training. The agriculture ministry is the main sponsor for this year's mini show. Previous shows have attracted thousands of communal farmers and local people.
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